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cnc turning

2-Axis Chucking and Bar Feeding
Capacity: Up to 8" Chucking Diameters, 3/8"-2" Bar Feeding Diameters

7-Axis Chucking and Bar Feeding
Capacity: Up to 10" Chucking Diameters, 1/2"-2" Bar Feeding Diameters

CNC Milling

40 Tapper Spindles
Capacity: Volumetric 1300CuFt
4-Axis Rotary Axis
In-cycle part probing


Robotic GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), Ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Precision Sawing
Light Low-Volume Pressing (Up to 10 tons)

post processing

Parts Washing
Vibratory Finishing
"Super" Polish
Bead Blasting

EXTENDED SERVICEs thru our vendor network

Heat Treating
Trivalent RoHS Compliant Zinc Plating
Powder Coating
Many other unique post processing services