Preferred Supply Chain Partner

  • Bushing Sleeve Precision Turning
  • Ball stud machining
  • 4 Axis Machining Stainless Steel
  • High Surface Finish Requirements
  • Custom Spacers with Bolt Pattern
  • Pre-Turning of Ball Stud
  • Pre-Machining of Bushing
  • Shaft Machining and Keyway Cutting
  • Filter Head Adapter
  • Precision Music Instrument Accessories
  • Thin Wall Sleeve Machining
  • Inch To Metric Transition Fitting
  • Machined Bushing
  • Machined Housing
  • Piston Housing
  • Insert

At Custom Tool, we believe that a company is only as good as the individuals that it employes. Our team believes that living by a core set of values is key to being successful. We want to share our values with you.


  • Ethics - Do the "right thing" and always encourage others to do the right, honest and ethical things.
  • Respect - Treat others with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves.
  • Balance - Manage your time for both business and personal success.
  • Winning Attitude - Have a "can-do" attitude. Be positive, upbeat and focused. We are winners!
  • Communication - Share information. Ask questions. Listen effectively. Speak thoughtfully and let ideas live.
  • Development - Learn from each other. Teach, coach, and listen. Created an environment where everyone succeeds.
  • Teamwork - Value different viewpoints. Execute the agreed-upon plans. Together, everyone achieves more!
  • Change - Accept it. Embrace it. Initiate it. Do everything better, faster and with less cost.
  • Initiative - Seek opportunities. Use good judgement. Take intelligent risks. Champion ideas.
  • Accountability - Know you responsibilities. Live up to your commitment.


March 6, 2012

Thank you for great service.

Jeff - Nashville


June 11, 2011

Hey Bob,

I adjusted all the dates on the releases and resent this morning... thanks for stepping up and taking care of these releases quickly.

Rick - Wisconsin