Preferred Supply Chain Partner

Quality Management System

As a registered ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Custom Tool has in place a sustainable quality management system that fits it's business model. Our customer take confidence in the fact that systems are inplace, and continually being evaluated, to insure continuity from order thru delivery. Copies of our cerfication can be obtained via email.

Custom Tool excels at batch production of turned engineered component parts. Part quantities could range from 10 to 10,000. Either way, following a well defined and sustainable management system, the process approach for every order is the same. When considering if Custom Tool would be a good fit for supplying your engineered component part, evaluate based on the following:

  • My parts primarily made of metal.
  • My parts require a high degree of precision.
  • My parts are typically round and have features such as threads, grooves and cross holes.
  • My parts have a tendency to be used repeatedly from year to year.

Our customers needs tend to fall in this category. However, we are always open to discussing new and unique needs our customers might have. Call us... let's discuss how we can create a solution.